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Welcome to the Division of Financial Operations Electronic Administrative Forms Catalog. This catalog provides schools and offices with “on demand” access to many administrative forms that were formerly only available in hard copy. It is important to note that certain types of administrative form items, e.g. various booklets, folders, transmission envelopes, etc. cannot be converted to electronic versions

The forms listed below may be sorted numerically or alphabetically. To view a form, click on either the item number or the description. You have the option of printing the forms you require and filling them out manually or completing the individual forms on line prior to printing.

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Click on the appropriate link to view forms. To save the form, right click on the link and select "Save Target As...".

25-0051.01.X Card, Cumulative Record, PS, 450S/Educ.Data B/G- 2-sided, 1/87
25-0060.00.0 Cumulative Record- Test Data Card, 11"X5-1/2" Fold 8-1/2"X11", 2-sided
25-0100.00.2 Card, Teacher/Class Program, PS, 5"X8", Buff
25-0120.00.3 Card, Teacher Salary & Absence Record, PS, 8"X5", Buff, 2-sided
25-0140.00.4 Card, Pupils Office, PS, Boys, 8"X5", White
25-0150.00.X Card, Pupils Office, PS, Girls, 8"X5", Buff
25-0160.00.5 Pupils Reading Record Card, 8-1/2"X11", 72# White Index
25-0251.00.0 Form, Cumulative Health Record PS, 17"X11", Canary
25-0300.00.1 Form Parent Permission Extra Curricular Activites, PS
25-0400.03.0 Card, Permanent Pupil Record, IS, Girls, White, 11"X8-1/2", 2-sided
25-0400.04.9 Card, Permanent Pupil Record, IS, Boys, Buff, 11"X8-1/2", 2-sided
25-0400.05.7 Cumulative Record Subject Rating Data, PS & MS, 8-1/2"X11", Buff
25-0450.01.1 Form, Abstract From Pupil Personnel Record, IS, Girls, White
25-0560.00.3 Card, Pupils Program, JHS, 5"X3", Buff
25-0590.00.X Card, Teachers, Program, JHS, 8"X5", 2-sided
25-0600.00.5 Card, Alphabetical Student Index, 5"X3", Buff
25-0630.00.1 Card Abstract From Pupil Personnel Record, JHS, Girls, 8"X5", White
25-0650.00.2 Card Abstract From Pupil Personnel Record, JHS, Boys, 8X5", Buff, 2-sided
25-0930.00.5 HS Card Book Receipt, 3"X10", White, pkg/500
25-0950.00.6 Conflict Application Card
25-1050.00.9 HS Card Summer Session Attendance, 3"X5", White
25-1070.00.X HS Card Summer Study Permission/Transcript, 4"X12"
25-1070.01.8 HS Card Evening School Application/Transcript, 4"X12"
25-1190.00.5 Interscholastic HS Sports Examination Form
25-1510.00.X HS Form Early Excuse Pass, 3"X5", 100 sheets to pad
25-1540.00.6 Paper, Regents Exam, Folded to 8-1/2"X11", 500 sheets to pkg, 2-sided
25-1880.00.1 Cause of Absence to Parents Postcard, 5-1/2"X3-1/2", 2-sided
25-1890.00.7 Verification of Admission by Trans. & Req Rec Postcard
25-2110.00.5 Book Inventory, 5"X8", Buff, Printed 2 sides
25-2130.01.4 Equipment Inventory Card, BA/OMS 8202, 8"X5"
25-2140.00.1 Supplies Inventory Card, 5"X8", White, Printed 2 sides
25-2220.00.5 Parents Consent for Trip Card, 5"X3", White
25-2290.00.3 Emergency Contact Card, Revised 6/06
25-2290.01.1 Emergency Contact Card, Spanish
25-2290.02.x Emergency Contact Card, Chinese
25-2290.03.8 Emergency Contact Card, Korean
25-2290.04.6 Emergency Contact Card, Russian
25-2290.05.4 Emergency Contact Card, Arabic
25-2290.06.2 Emergency Contact Card, Bengali
25-2290.07.0 Emergency Contact Card, Urdu
25-2290.08.9 Emergency Contact Card, Haitian Creole
TM0007639 Emergency Contact Card, French
25-2380.00.2 Pass Summons & Admit Form, 3"X5", 100 sheets to pad
25-2470.00.1 Teacher's Emergency Assignment, 6"X4", White, 100 sheets to pad
25-2510.00.3 Visitors Pass Form, 5"X3", White, 100 sheets to pad
25-2690.33.8 Admission Form, snap-out, Data Entry Form, 7-part
25-2692.33.0 Discharge Form, snap-out, Data Entry Form, 7-part
25-2694.33.3 Interoffice Class Transfer Form, snap-out, 7-part
25-2696.33.6 Add/Drop Form, snap-out, Data Entry Form, 5-part
25-2700.07.4 Parent/Student Stipend Reporting Form- BA/BCM 8527A 3-part NCR
25-2753.00.3 Report of Authorized Space & Cust. Services Rendered, 4-part snap-out PO67, 9/91
25-2755.00.6 Card, Pupil Attendance Card, 81/2 x 51/2 white
25-2755.01.4 Exception Attendance System Instructions for Use, 2-part, 8/88
25-2755.02.2 Exception Attendance System Class Register/Summary Card
25-2755.03.0 Exception Attendance System End of Year Teacher Affidavit
25-2755-08.1 Pre-K NYCEEC Attendance Card
25-2758.00.5 Guidance Review Card
25-2760.52.2 Application for Employment--Working Papers for minors ages 14 to 17 (Form AT-17)
25-2765.03.6 BA-PUR 2007A On-line Voucher Control Sheet, 1 part, Rev 8/96
25-2791.00.2 BE/DOP9938A Application for Salary Step Placement, 8-1/2"X14", 2-sided
25-2791.01.0 BE/DHR9938C, Application for Salary Difrentl, 17"X14", folded 8-1/2"X14", perf. 2 sides
25-2792.01.7 OBA-ESEA 51 Personnel Time Report Non-Itinerant Employees
25-2800.10.9 OP198 Application for Excused Absence Personal,Illness, etc. 2-part
25-2800.15.X OP201 Excuse Application for Absence w/o Pay or Non-Attendance, 2-part
25-2800.26.5 OP352A Pedagog Supervisor Personnel Report Sec-A Performance Planning
25-2800.27.3 OP352B Pedagog Supervisor Personnel Report Sec-B Supervisory Rating
25-2800.28.1 OP352C Pedagog Supervisor Personnel Report Sec-C Supv Service Prior to Tenure
25-2800.30.3 OP407 Confidential Medical Report- Medical Evaluation
25-2810.10.4 Application for Sabbatical Leave of Absence Of
25-2810.40.6 OP150 Individual Rating Report of Per Session Service
25-2810.48.1 OP160 Application Comm Dist Inst Staff for Leave of Absence w/o Pay
25-2810.55.4 OP200 Assignment
25-3200.00.8 OP9955A Annual Performance Review & Probation Report, School Secretary
25-3200.05.9 OP9955B Annual Performance Review & Probation Report, Pedagogical Employee
25-3200.06.7 OP9955D Annual Performance Review & Probation Report, SBST, 6/98
25-3200.10.5 OP9955C Annual Performance Review & Probation Report, Guidance Counselor
25-4200.00.1 Home Language ID Survey, English
25-4250.00.9 Home Language ID Survey, Spanish
25-4300.00.6 Home Language ID Survey, Chinese
25-4350.00.3 Home Language ID Survey, Haitian-Creole
25-4450.00.8 Home Language ID Survey, Russian
25-4550-00-2 Home Language ID Survey, Korean
25-4702.00.7 Home Language ID Survey, Arabic
25-4703.00.3 Home Language ID Survey, Bengali
25-4704.00.X Home Language ID Survey, Urdu
TM0005454 Home Language ID Survey, French
25-6200.00.9 BA-PAY5048 Hourly Prof Time Report, 8-1/2"X11" 2-part NCR snap-out New Form
25-6400.60.1 Per Session Sick Leave Transfer Forms, 5-part NCR
25-6500.00.2 Summer Accomodation Plan Summer School, IEP, 8-1/2"X11" 3-part NCR
ONL0001 Online PSE Form English
ONL0002 Online PSE Form Arabic
ONL0003 Online PSE Form Bengali
ONL0004 Online PSE Form Chinese
ONL0005 Online PSE Form Haitian Creole
ONL0006 Online PSE Form Korean
ONL0007 Online PSE Form Russian
ONL0008 Online PSE Form Spanish
ONL0009 Online PSE Form Urdu
ONL0019 Online PSE Form French
ONL0010 Pre-K Language Needs Survey Form
ONL0011 11489 ELL Pre-K Language Needs Survey (Arabic)
ONL0012 11489 ELL Pre-K Language Needs Survey (Bengali)
ONL0013 11489 ELL Pre-K Language Needs Survey (Chinese)
ONL0014 11489 ELL Pre-K Language Needs Survey (Haitian Creole)
ONL0015 11489 ELL Pre-K Language Needs Survey (Korean)
ONL0016 11489 ELL Pre-K Language Needs Survey (Russian)
ONL0017 11489 ELL Pre-K Language Needs Survey (Spanish)
ONL0018 11489 ELL Pre-K Language Needs Survey (Urdu)