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Welcome to the Travel Reimbursement Approval Certification (TRAC) form. This must be used to submit a request for:

  • Application to Attend Meeting, Conference or Convention Outside of NYC-OP221
  • Authorization to Use Personal Car
  • Business Expense Report-OD-7
  • Exceptions to Regulations for Reimbursement
  • SIPP (former Imprest Fund Expenditure)
  • Local Travel/Authorization for Imprest Fund Expenditure - Carfare

For assistance with TRAC:

  • School personnel should call their BFSC
  • Central Employees should call the Central Business Office at (718) 935-2652
  • District 75 employees should call Wally Luke at (212) 802-1589 or Jorge Rivera at (212) 802-1508
  • Click here to Download a copy of the quick reference guide.

Please enter your e-mail id:  Click here if you are unsure of your DOE email address.
Password (network/outlook): 
          I Certify that I am the actual traveler or authorized approver
         (To insure proper internal controls, TRAC must be initiated by the actual traveler)